What is a “Fudd” Gun Owner?

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Social media has been great for the introduction of new terms and fads.

From “Okay boomer” to “Don’t be a Karen”, there are a number of internet disses that make their way across the country.

The 2nd Amendment community has it’s own term that has developed in the last few years. It’s unclear where it originated from but the use of the term continues to grow.

“Don’t be a Fudd!”

When you think of “Fudd” you may think of Elmer Fudd the cartoon character.

This is perhaps where the term orginates from. Elmer Fudd was a clueless gun owner in Looney Tunes who tries to take on Bugs Bunny to no avail.

In the cartoon, Elmer Fudd talks like an incompetent buffoon who has on his hunting gear and carries around his favorite shotgun and sometimes a rifle.

So, what does Elmer Fudd have to do with the current gun rights movement?

There is a deep divide happening inside the gun rights movement right now. Many gun owners have moved solidly into the “no compromise” camp. This means that they are not goign to compromise on the 2nd Amendment.

They understand the words “shall not be infringed” mean exactly that.

Part of the reason for this divide was the NRA’s long-time policy of compromising with the enemies of the 2nd Amendment. This reckless policy position pushed many gun owners into supporting compromises as well.

The NRA supported the ban on bump stocks, supports Red Flag laws, supported the Gun Control Act, and so much more.

However, since the beginning of the Obama presidency, many gun owners have become “no compromise” with their positions on the 2nd Amendment.

There were already quite a few of us previous to President Obama, but the numbers grew significantly during his tenure.

Gun owners are realizing there is no negotiating with gun grabbers.

Now that gun owners are taking a real stand for the 2nd Amendment, it has created a clear line in the sand.

You can either stand and fight for the 2nd Amendment or be a “Fudd” and help the gun grabbers infringe on our natural right of self-defense. One look through numerous online articles and social media comments and it usually doesn’t take long to see the word “Fudd” pop up.

The term Fudd refers to a gun owner who thinks several things about gun rights and usually believes in one or all of the following:

  1. They believe the 2nd Amendment is about hunting.
  2. When defending their belief in gun rights, they talk about how they own a gun.
  3. Fudds believe that it’s okay to ban certain types of guns, ammunition or magazines.
  4. They also believe the government should regulate the carrying or ownership of firearms through licensing.
  5. Fudds use the NRA’s support of gun control as a defense of their own.
  6. Recently, Fudds have become notorious supporters for Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders.
  7. Fudds almost always start their defense of gun control with, “I support the 2nd Amendment but…”

These are just some of the descriptions of a “Fudd” gun owner.

Fudds, it could be argued, are far more dangerous to the 2nd Amendment than a citizen who is openly against the 2nd Amendment.

Fudds keep other gun owners from joining the fight to protect gun rights. They actively help keep family members, neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens from understanding the threat facing our right to keep and bear arms.

At a time when gun rights are under constant attack, Fudds make the fight much harder to win.

Who are some examples of Fudds?

Well, if we are talking about elected oficials, think of people like Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Dan Crenshaw and other “Republicans” who say they support the 2nd Amendment but support gun control in various forms.

These elected officials use their standing as public servants to help destroy the progress gun owners have made in restoring the 2nd Amendment. However, on the campaign trail, you can be sure they tell their constituents they support gun rights.

Once they get to the captiol in D.C. though, they negotiate behind the scenes to support gun control.

Senators Rubio and Graham, for instance, are advocates for Red Flag Gun Confiscation orders!

Fudd Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Not only are they Fudds but they are creating an army of Fudd followers. Fighting the gun grabbers is hard enough. Having to fight against the Fudds makes the job much more difficult.

In red states like Wyoming or Idaho, you can be sure there are a litany of Republican candidates for office who are Fudds.

They say they are pro-2nd Amendment but don’t tell you about their gun control beliefs or hide them until after the election. They too will have a number of Fudd followers that defend their gun control stances.

Sadly, it is Fudds that helped put Virginia in its current state of dissaray.

Yes, Bloomberg certainly shoulders a large part of the blame for the gun control victories in Virginia.

Yet, it is weak-kneed Republicans, spineless gun groups, and their Fudd armies that kept too many others in the dark for years.

“It will never happen here” they insisted. “Show me where Red Flag laws are even being proposed” they will tell you.

This attitude and laziness toward the defense of gun rights is extremely damaging to our cause.

In Idaho for instance, we have a group that calls itself “Idaho Conservatives.” The group was started and is still run by Fudds who would compromise on gun rights given the opportunity.

Gregory Graf and Jennifer Ellis, the “leaders” of this Fudd group, routinely attack the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, Idaho’s only no-compromise 2nd Amendment group.

While the ISAA is warning that what has happened to Colorado, Virginia, Oregon, and Washington can happen to Idaho, they mock gun owners for being vigilant.

They create a justification for compromising on the 2nd Amendment as some Republican lawmakers are known to do.

If you are in a red state like Idaho, watch out for Fudds. There are more of them than you think.

Below is an example of a Fudd meme you may see lurking the internet.

Do you know any Fudds? Let us know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “What is a “Fudd” Gun Owner?”


    I’m a conservative, but….
    I’m a gun owner, but….
    I believe in fiscal responsibility, but….
    I believe in the right of life, but…
    I _____, but….

    The ___________ in “I am a ____________”, is what the speaker/writer WANTS you to believe.
    The part that follows the “but” is what they REALLY are.

  2. Call me a Fudd if you like, but my only, and I think, fair restriction is GET TRAINING. Then carry your weapon.

  3. I’m a gun owner but…., folks need to stop trying to step on the rights of others and read the constitution.
    i’m a gun owner but…., i understand that some folks are scared of guns but that doesn’t give them the right to try to regulate based on their feelings.
    I’m a gun owner but…., i think people need to start respecting the right of others to make different decisions.
    i’m a gun owner but…., most folks are easily lead by lies in the media so we need to stay vigilant and refuse to compromise.

    — just a few examples on how to properly use the “I _____, but…” clause without becoming a FUDD

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