When Do Legislative Sessions Begin in the Northwest?

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for gun owners to prepare for the 2021 legislative sessions.

Some states are going to continue their sessions as normal, others plan on delaying, and others will begin on their scheduled date but will go virtual.

What are the dates and plans for the legislative sessions for Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming?

Here is the list of information on legislative sessions in the Northwest that we have so far:

    Date: January 11th, 2021
    Note: Public will be locked out of the capitol as most legislators “attend” the session virtually with some legislators allowed to be on the floor of each chamber. The media of course will be allowed inside the building to watch while the public has to participate via teleconference.
    Date: January 19th, 2021
    Note: Rumors are still floating around about delaying the session until the China Virus vaccine can be more widely distributed but that decision has still not been made.
    Date: January 4th, 2021
    Note: Montana Republican legislators blocked efforts by Democrat legislators to delay the session, require masks, or require social distancing. There will be the ability to participate remotely if the rule is approved when the legislature convenes on January 4th.
  4. IDAHO
    Date: January 11th, 2021
    Note: Idaho’s session is expected to be open to the public with no requirements for “masking” or “social distancing” inside the capitol. Idaho’s Republican leadership from both chambers has said they will not and cannot delay the session.
    Date: January 12th, 2021?
    Note: Wyoming’s Republican legislators will open their session and there is a major push to delay the session once the legislature convenes on January 12th. It is unclear at this time what Wyoming will do in regard to masking or social distancing since it is unclear if the legislature will move forward after the 12th or delay further into the year.

If you get any updates from your state, please send them to info@nwgunnews.com and let us know what the updated information is.

Gun owners in all of the Northwest states better be ready to fight, no matter when session begins and what rules are in place.

Thank you for being in the fight to preserve freedom and liberty!

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