Which Northwest States Are Closing Gun Stores?

These are unique times in American history.

The entire world is facing the coronavirus pandemic.

Sadly, the Chinese government decided to coverup what was really happening in their country and we are dealing with the fallout.

Currently, states across the country are issuing orders to close “non-essential” businesses.

The question is, which states in the Northwest are closing gun shops as non-essential?

Unfortunately, in times of crisis, there are those in government who wish to usurp as much power as they can.

Some governors use their “power” to shut down businesses they deem as “non-essenial.” We would argue that any business would consider themselves essential.

That being said, the state of Washington is the first state in the Northwest to put gun stores as “non-essential.”

But rest assured to users of weed, pot shops are to remain open as essential businesses.

In fact, Washington is the only state in the Northwest whose statewide order closes gun shops.

Idaho and Oregon both have statewide orders as well to close “non-essential” businesses.

However, both states have not closed firearms businesses.

Idaho has a specific code (46-1008) that prohibits the governor or any state agency from closing gun stores during emergency orders.

Additionally, Idaho’s statewide order which was implemented today specifically states that Idaho’s firearms businesses are not impacted.

Oregon’s order doesn’t specifically address the firearms business but as of this writing, all gun shops are still open.

In two other Northwest states, Wyoming and Montana, there are no statewide orders in place.

Wyoming has an order similar to Idaho that prohibits the governor or other state agencies from restricting firearms during an emergency.

You can read more about Wyoming’s code from the Wyoming Gun Owners website.

We will update this article with any new information about orders and gun shops as they become available.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the coronavirus pandemic.

Do you have sufficient firearms and ammunition to protect yourself should you be unable to make a purchase?

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