Will New Washington Department Seek to Eliminate Guns?

Washington residents were celebrating with the recent demise of the so-called
state “assault weapons” ban and the magazine capacity ban.

Sadly, there were a number of gun control bills that did make it through.

The most recent one was Senate Bill 6288.

SB 6288 will create the “Washington Office of Firearm Violence Prevention.”

Of course, there is no such thing as “firearm violence” because firearms don’t commit acts of violence. Only people can commit acts of violence.

The gun-grabbers will tell you they simply want to help research, study, and find ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

However, a number of studies have been done over the years and all of them conclude that no specific gun control measure will ever make a difference.

Even a Washington “workgroup” back in 2018 found that none of the policies Attorney General Ferguson and Governor Inslee want would make any difference.

That workgroup was comprised of a number of people representing different organizations.

The ACLU of Washington, the University of Washington, most major law enforcement organizations, and victim’s organizations.

Not exactly a bastion of conservatives right?

Yet, their report confirmed that no specific policy would make a difference. At least none of the policies the tyrants running Washington want.

So, what exactly is the Washington “Office of Firearm Violence Prevention” going to do that this report didn’t already cover?

The gun grabbers claim the department is going to help prevent deaths and injuries by firearms.

Additionally, they say the department will focus on minority areas of cities with the most violence.

However, there is another part of the actual bill that should raise eyebrows with gun owners.

You see, they don’t just want to help areas with “high crime” as they claim, they want to reduce the physical amount of firearms in the state.

Take a look at Section 4, Subsection 4(B) and see for yourself.

Hopefully, you are reading those words very carefully.

It doesn’t say “evidence-based firearm violence reduction.”

It specifically says “firearm reduction” which would mean their goal is to eliminate the physical amount of firearms in the state. They are very clear in their wording.

Sadly, with people like Inslee and Ferguson running the clown show in Olympia, you know exactly what this “departments” goals will be.

Governor Inslee is expected to sign the bill. However, you should still email him and let him know you are opposed to the SB 6288 and demand that he veto it.

You can email him using the contact information below:

6 thoughts on “Will New Washington Department Seek to Eliminate Guns?”

  1. Why can they not see the need to focus on violence as a cultural alternative? I have all my adult life been amazed and dismayed at the political belief that actions and attitudes can be changed by legislating against inanimate objects.

  2. Any law repugnant to the Constitution is no law at all. And I believe people will rebell against this, maybe even Civil War over it? Long live the Constitution long live the Republic, God bless the United States of America!! AATW!!!

  3. I’m going to say this: I don’t think that the part that is circled in red, is clear at all in how your interpreting it to be. That is relating to whomever is applying for a grant of some type- which isn’t clear bcuz that’s the only portion shown.
    That being said- Inslee and Washington state’s AG Ferguson, are complete ASSHATS, and just like President Trump has said, Governor Inslee is a snake. I’d like to see either one of the ASSHATS “try” to take any law abiding citizens gun(s). I don’t care what “laws” they pass. Those laws have no meaning, no matter how they’re written. The 2nd Amendment is a God given right that “will not be infringed upon” PERIOD.

  4. Don’t these lawmakers have anything better to do? What with Illegal Sanctuary City/State Status and breaking those laws, which existing laws will they now comply/not comply with!? A real conundrum!

  5. They keep looking to take guns from the responsible gun owners when we should be focused on the illegal gun owners. I have seen it over and over when a felon that is forbidden to possess a gun does, in fact, use/possess a gun and that is the major problem. Illegal possession of a gun should be a mandatory 5 years in prison and if you use an illegal gun in a crime it should be a mandatory life in prison! GO TO THE PROBLEM…UNLESS THEY HAVE ANOTHER REASON THE GOVERNMENT WANTS LEGAL GUNS FROM LEGAL GUN OWNERS????

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