Will Washington Gun Owners Mobilize Like Virginia Gun Owners?

When the Democrat Party in Virginia officially took over the entire state capitol, they immediately began to threaten the right to keep and bear arms.

Virginia Democrats have been frothing at the mouth to take on gun owners for years.

They wasted little time in making their plans and intentions clear.

From an “assault weapons ban” to banning firearms at the capitol building to banning standard capacity magazines, Democrat lawmakers have all but declared war on the 2nd Amendment in Virginia.

From these threats and bills filed already, gun owners in Virginia mobilized en masse.

The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement spread like wildfire. Gun owners were lined out the door in some counties to stand up to the radical gun grabbers in the Democrat Party.

This is all coming to a head as a showdown at the capitol looms on January 20th.

The response in Virginia is wonderful to see.

But you have to wonder, why is that same response not happening in Washington state?

Sure, the Democrats took control in the state of Washington several years ago, but the response back then was not very intense. It still isn’t in comparison to Virginia.

Yes, after I-1639 went into effect, a number of sheriffs said they would refuse to enforce the unconstitutional law. That was great to see!

But where are the people? Where are the masses of gun owners fighting back?

We did see a valiant effort by some to try and do a counter initiative (1-1094) to I-1639, but nothing like we are seeing in Virginia.

In some Second Amendment Sanctuary meetings in Virginia, the rooms were full and hundreds of gun owners were waiting in line outside to get in. Gun owners are ready to fight back there.

Washington state has several million gun owners.

Are the vast majority of them still asleep? What are they waiting for before they will get up and fight back?

Gun owners in Washington state better start mobilizing now before it’s too late.

Governor Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson have made their intentions clear. They are going for an “Assault Weapon” and a magazine ban. This will have detrimental effects on gun owners in Washington?

And that’s just a small dose of what the Democrats intend to do against gun owners.

There are efforts to put more gun owners in a government database, repeal firearm preemption, expand Red Flag laws and more.

Stand up and fight back with groups like Washington Gun Rights who do NOT compromise and are taking the fight to the enemies of freedom!

Fight back now before it’s too late!

41 thoughts on “Will Washington Gun Owners Mobilize Like Virginia Gun Owners?”

  1. Washington State needs to focus on changing the home less population and protecting its citizens rights. Not on taking our rights away. Jay Inslee I can’t wait to see you voted out you suck. Inslee and side show bob need to go. Washington state doesn’t need more taxes!!

  2. The second amendment is clearly stated and anyone who thinks they can do away with it is committing treason and should dealt with as prescribed by the constitution. This is a god given right that no man can alter or remove !

    1. These Govenors and Democratic Party constituents need to be DRAGGED out of their chairs at the capitol, smashed in the mouth about twenty times, piled up in the square like cord-wood, dowsed with kerosene and LIT UP!!!

  3. A large difference between WA and VA is the sheer logistics of it. An overwhelming majority of Eastern WA is pro 2A, but to get to Olympia and overnight and all the BS is a challenge. In VA a significantly smaller state, these challenges are not as great.

    1. My thoughts exactly. But knowing that, and knowing what is at stake we need to go the extra mile(s) even if it means making some sacrifices.

  4. I’m seriously upset about the gun laws that have been passed and that have been submitted. During the repeal 1639 effort, I heard lots of people report that many people didn’t even know about I-1639 or I-1094! I think the problem is lack of interest in politics. Therefore, people aren’t keeping up to date on what the state government is doing to our gun rights. I’m personally getting tired of researching all these new laws that hurt the average citizen, whether they’re related to taxes, guns, or anything else they can think of. It’s very discouraging to me that people aren’t participating more and aren’t holding our treasonous officials responsible and punishing them appropriately. If we keep them in office, it’s just going to get worse. If I had a few million dollars to burn, I’d be suing the governor, AG, and any other representative that is trying to take our rights.

    1. You hit the nail on the head, Brett. I try to share with friends what’s going on, and they have no idea what I’m talking about!

  5. I left the state….but even in Arizona where I now live..the battle line must be drawn!!!!..This fight involves all freedom loving people on the planet…we need to join those in Virginia IN VIRGINIA!!!!.ASSEMBLE THERE WITH THEM…THEN ASSEMBLE IN WA.STATE!!..ASSEMBLE ALL OVER THIS NATION!!!

  6. Fight back, you bet. But how? At my age and disposition at this time , I’m ready to appear with an armed force meaning business.
    This seems not appropriate at this time. People with more calm than me need to handle it at this point. Call me when the time comes.

  7. When will you elected officials do something about CRIMINALS with guns? I don’t plan on getting robbed or thugged without a fighting chance! Start putting violent criminals away for good and watch how the situations change. Stand your ground laws are too weak! I have a right to the property I’ve legally acquired, and the peaceful enjoyment thereof. Make criminals do hard time instead of coddling them. One strike, you’re out for violent felons.
    P.S. Quit inviting these criminals into our state and expecting us taxpayers to welcome them! Make them WORK picking up garbage and fixing potholes, etc. for their supper! And GET THEM OFF THE SIDEWALKS AND PARKS! The ONLY good Meth head or Junkie is a DEAD one!

  8. Most are asleep…willing to roll over on anything as long as it doesn’t interrupt the flow of lattes…they have been conditioned to not bite the hand which feeds them.

  9. So, when’s the damn gun rally? It was only brought up 137 times. Is there one or are you just flaunting that Virginia has a rally and we don’t? Sorry, not impressed with this story.

  10. Safe, Intelligent, responsible citizens of our great state will not give up their rights to bear arms! Why does our local government officials think this will ever be accepted?

  11. Well said !! As a Washington resident I totally agree and there needs to be stronger resistance to these Un Constitutional attacks

  12. I share your sentiments. I think Washington and Oregon counties and cities should replicate the Sanctuary County/City model. keep me posted. Thanks!

  13. I cant believe the Washington Gun owners are not Handing Inslee his ass on his hat..SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON……Obviously they dont care to hear that.

  14. This is wrong Governor Inslee needs to step down out of offices he dies not know our constitution. He is giving a direct order to a legal right that was given to the Americans. He does not have the right to over step his boundaries when it comes to our gun right. Take the guns away from the criminals not the legally registered peoples they have never done a thing to have their rights removed.

    1. THIS ISN’T about gun owners and criminals. it’s WAY BIGGER than that. Since Obama’s two terms in office, the groundwork was LAID to abolish the middle class, disarm the citizens, and ABOLISH your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. The media outlets have already started on your 1st Amendment rights in 2008 with Terms and Conditions on social forums and INFRINGING on the 1st Amendment. NOW, Yahoo, FaceBook and others are turning your conversations over to State and Federal Govt software/screeners looking for WHO needs to be eliminated FIRST by the posts you make. As Jim Morrison sang 50 years ago, “THIS IS the END” and IT AIN”T no lie……

    1. AMEN Mark. I see that the Trump impeachment fiasco WILL be the breaking point with Americas law abiding masses IF the Dems win. Virtually EVERY Dem in the nation will be a “marked” person for ELIMINATION…..

  15. I will agree that WA has geographic and demographic challenges to making the same sort of show in numbers that a state like VA has. The anti 2A population is concentrated in the metro areas near the capitol and media center of the state. That shouldn’t stop us from organizing from where we are. Do we have state 2A groups like VA’s VCDL? They’re organizing busses to their protest. I’m still trying to figure out which of the national 2A groups to put my $ and efforts towards. The SAF appeals to me because they are taking a legal approach instead of a populist one. It’s entirely possible that the prohibitionist bills that keep getting reintroduced every year will slip through. The anti’s are pinning big hopes on now since they have the state house. I’m thinking we need a very good contingency plan. I think our best permanent and long term solution is to guide the right case through the courts and get Heller more fleshed out regarding not being able to ban weapons “in common use”. We may have our best chance in the next couple years at a favorable ruling.

  16. As an ex military ,If I was willing to be at the disposal of the US government to put life on the line for other nations, what do these asshats think we will be willing to do for our constitutional rights.Think before you open a big can of worms.

  17. You can’t expect gun owners to fight back much if they won’t even vote against this. When I-1639 was on the ballot, my county (in E. WA) had a measly showing of 29% of registered voters. THAT’S how you DON’T fight this crap. If you want to prevent the battle, then you vote and make sure these unconstitutional laws are not passed.

    1. They know and are banking on the apathy. That’s how they push this garbage through. The m.o. has been to keep everyone so busy and distracted with living their busy lives and with shiny crap that nobody neither notices, cares or “doesn’t have time” to oppose it. If we don’t make an effort now, we will end up like Argentina.

  18. Please everyone reait went forth Jan 13th in olympia

  19. I do not feel I need to waste my time and resources to travel to Olympia and raise my voice to people who are not upholding their oaths of office and are unwilling to listen either way. I would have them waste their time and resources coming to me, where I will give them my firearms one freedom seed at a time. I may lose. But I will lose standing on my feet and fighting for my rights on my land, not theirs. I will not live on my knees.

  20. I have many guns, and am sickened when I see what has occurred in our state with recent laws, and read about proposed bills in other states. These same bills will make their way to Washington. But it does no good to threaten lawmakers with bodily harm or threaten to kill them. I am concerned that such comments only fuel the other side. Present your side, strongly disagree, but please do not promote physical violence or threaten others.

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