Wyoming Gun Owners Fighting Dangerous Gun Control Bill, Again!

Published by Northwest Gun News on January 25, 2020 under News and tagged Wyoming Gun Owners

There seems to be a common theme in the Northwest: No state is safe from gun control being pushed by both Democrats and Republicans.

While we are all used to, and fully expect, gun control bills to come out of Oregon and Washington, you don’t expect them out of states like Wyoming or Idaho.

As previously reported, a Democrat in Idaho is floating the idea of pushing a local gun control option to limit how many rounds a gun owner may carry onto public property.

But what is more concerning is what is happening on the ground in Wyoming.

Because it isn’t just the Democrats that are pushing gun control, it’s Republicans who are trying to stab gun owners in the back too.

Rep. Bill Pownall, a Republican from Gillette and disgraced former sheriff, is pushing hard (House Bill 59) to dump as many gun owner names into the Federal NICS database as he can.

In 2014 Bill Pownall resigned in disgrace under allegations he changed his son’s DUI ticket to a lesser charge.

Rep. Pownall claims it is necessary to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those who are “mentally ill.”

The bill is also co-sponsored by another Republican, Dan Kirkbride from Chugwater. He serves as the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Similar legislation was killed in an interim committee last year thanks to the work of Wyoming Gun Owners. When grassroots gun owners found out what was happening in Cheyenne, they mobilized and pressured lawmakers into killing the bill.

Aaron Dorr, Political Director for Wyoming Gun Owners, told Northwest Gun News, “It’s absolutely shameful that backstabbing Republicans are helping Democrats dump more gun owner names into the government database. The NICS system has denied many innocent gun owners their firearm purchases since its inception.

Aaron Dorr is the Political Director for Wyoming Gun Owners.

There are a number of problems with the FIX NICS gun control database.

First, the background check system is unconstitutional. No such system should exist.

Second, as Dorr mentioned, many of the denials from the system are “false positives.”

This means that gun owners who go to purchase a firearm are denied because their name has accidentally been added into the system.

Professor John Lott from the Crime Research Prevention Center has estimated that 98% of denials are false-positives!

If your name, address, birthday, or other information is “similar” to someone else, you have a high probability of being denied a firearm purchase.

It can then take months or years to get your name removed.

Now, Republican lawmakers in Wyoming want to add more names to that database?

Another major issue with the database system is the stigmatization that we are putting on mental illness.

Democrats and Republicans alike keep pushing the narrative that we need to “keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.” What exactly does that mean?

Are Veterans who have PTSD too “mentally ill” to defend themselves?

What about a citizen who has had depression or anxiety and is on medication? Are they automatically a threat to themselves or others?

Who gets to decide when someone is too “mentally ill” and whether or not they should have a firearm for self-defense?

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns from gun owners is the current push for Red Flag laws nationwide.

Gun grabbers love Red Flag laws because it allows them to turn in gun owners they believe are a “threat to themselves or others.” Well, if a gun owner is deemed “mentally ill,” what better way to take their guns away if their names are already in a database.

HB 59 is the first step to helping the ultimate push for Red Flag laws. Gun owners in Wyoming should do everything they can to oppose HB 59, and Republican Representative Bill Pownall should shelve the bill immediately.

62 thoughts on “Wyoming Gun Owners Fighting Dangerous Gun Control Bill, Again!”

  1. It hasn’t been so long ago that residents of Wyoming relied heavily on firearms to protect and preserve life, family and property! I for one, still abide by that culture! Probably not alone!

  2. Im from Campbell County and do not support this bill. I will be voting against Pownall and all politicians that support HB 59 or anything like it.

    1. I do not support HB 59 or any other bill that infringes on my second amendment rights nor do I support any man or woman politician or not. I will not vote for you and I will make it my own personal goal to campaign against you and and anyone who supports your agenda. Starting at this very moment I Vow to be a thorn in your side and persuade as many Wyoming citizens as I possibly can to fire you on election day . You both know we do not have a firearm problem in the state of Wyoming and you both know why . Leave us and our guns alone.

  3. I don’t support HB59 and if you try to push this bill we the people will push back. Your not taking our guns or try to tell us how many rounds we can have. We don’t work for you, you work for us and we will push all of you out of office. We the people are not gonna give up our rights to help a tyrannical government not ever.

    1. So well said! I’m from Montana and whole heartedly agree! Push back with all your might! If you fall…we will all fall. God Be with you!

  4. I absolutely DO NOT support bill HB0059 ! I will insure my Reps. in Cheyenne that if they want to remain in office, they had better table this bill ! Wyoming citizens will not stand for it !

  5. I do not support this bill (HB 59), or any politician who attempts to deprive me of my Constitutional Rights.

  6. I do NOT support HB59. The government overreach is getting to be ridiculous!!! WHY do they want to be able to disarm us? I don’t trust them anymore

  7. Well, my wife and I “were” ready to come back to Wyoming after closing our Gun Shop in CA and retiring. We used to live in Wyoming and as job opportunities came along we moved out of State. My wife was born in Wyoming and I had been (at one time) a Deputy Sheriff in NE. With the political climate the way it is we really do not want to now be heading back to “God’s Country” as my wife’s cousins would call Wyoming… to find out it is turning into WA, OR, CO, ID or CA ….. we can not help your cause because we are not residents yet…. and it would take too long to sell our home here and find one there to become citizens….

    We will visit her family because 99% of her living family still resides in WY.

    I am very sad of what is happening in our country. Corrupt politicians bribed by big $$$ like Bloomberg and Soros that the news media will not print nor investigate…. look at what is happening in VA. There has to be a $$$ trail I am positive.

    1. I have plans to return to the Northwest in 2020. PLEASE, don’t allow this Marxist agenda to take hold before I can return to help with the fight! If you’ve been reading the real news lately you can see the trend occurring in more and more states. We’re leaving Tennessee because it has begun in several surrounding RED STATES.

      Thank you all for standing up to fight the inevitable tyranny of the twenty first century!

      God Bless.

  8. Let’s stop this BS at the legislature this year and flood the phone lines with our opposition to the BS!!!!

  9. I do not support HB 59. I will no longer support any politician who is sponsoring, supporting, and or voting for any gun law bills to restrict our constitutional rights. To Rep Bill Pownall, you’re an elected official. I supported you when you were our Sheriff. I supported you by voting for you to be our representative. I given you the benefit of the doubt. You have blown it. It’s gone to your head. You’re not there to be in power. You’re there to represent us, the people of the state. I no longer support you. Your actions have exposed yourself for who you truly are. I will not live my life based on the agenda you are pushing down our throats. I will do everything possible to get you voted out of the position you were elected to. You are failing as an elected official and no longer have the support of the people. You want to pick and choose? NO! We pick and choose. Rep Pownall go back to the private sector. You’ve been away from it too long.

  10. This is total nonsense and can’t believe that Wyoming would support this bill. Is this guy from Gillette a true Wyoming resident or someone that move here for the job? Stand up Wyoming and protect your second amendment! What’s next, total tyranny and suppression from a government that no longer works for the people. I absolutely do not support this bill and will be talking to the representatives personally to voice my opinion!

  11. I strongly oppose this bill. I will be sure to vote it’s creators right out of Wyoming. This is still one of the few places most like America once was. Don’t try to ruin it!! Want to live another way-find another state!!

  12. I do not support this bill, or any part of it. People, take note of who these people are, that are trying to restrict gun laws. They HAVE to be voted out of office.

  13. Bill Pawnell I’m am ashamed of you. You being a life long resident and rancher of Wyoming. How could you sell us out on gun control. I have supported you ever step of the way through your political ranks. I always understood you to oppose gun control. I guess I was wrong. Please reconsider what you are proposing and side with the people you represent. How are we suppose to protect our wide open country and our wildlife and our livestock. More importantly how do we protect our women and children from the no gooders that will get their guns with or without gun laws. You know this bill is wrong and not what the people of Wyoming want you to do or represent. Again I/we ask you to table this bill and do what we the people are asking you to do. I/we oppose any type of gun control. Stop this nonsense immediately table this bill to end the start of government taking our guns. Bill Pownell please sir.

  14. I supported you as sheriff and as a representative in Campbell county but I will never support you again. You have your own beliefs about guns and I have mine and we are worlds apart. How about you give up your firearms Bill Pownell as an example.🤠

  15. I live in Oregon. We are fighting a super house majority of socialist do gooders. Citizens in Wyoming need to fight this with everything you have. Find a Constitutional Attorney who will take this on ” pro Bono”, and if need be, take it to the state supreme Court, and even SCOTUS, if necessary.

  16. How can anyone think that anyone in Wyoming would ever submit to this bull$$$$…..
    Looking at this persons profile it is so surprising that he is even from Wyoming….
    To any politician that is willing to even contemplate this kind of action you should resign now and apologize for wasting the people of Wyomings time and money…..
    2A is clear our weapons are for defense encase the government turns on its people…

  17. Wow, I moved to Wyoming specifically because of the freedom the state still preserved… Only now to find out there are snakes within who would choose to take the very basic rights that God has bestowed on Wyomingites, not government…. If we aren’t free from liberal thinking here, where else is there … ?? Truly sad to hear…

  18. I do not support this billow any other gun control bill. It’s not about controlling guns, it’s about controlling people.

  19. I strongly oppose this bill. I live in Converse County, am a proud and responsible gun owner, and am extremely proud to be a Wyomingite. In Wyoming we are supposed to strongly believe in individual freedoms, versus government control, so why are the folks representing us trying to follow the east and west coast’s values. I am a 26 year veteran peace officer in Wyoming, and believe, and have personally seen, that our armed citizens are far more often the solution to problems than the cause.
    I WILL STRONGLY OPPOSE any representative who supports the passage of this bill.

  20. I absolutely do NOT support HB 59! Wyoming is suppose to be all about rights and protect our rights as citizens. This just goes to show that many in our state government take their oath of office for granted. Time to do some serious looking at those running for office folks.

  21. I absolutely do not support Wy HB59. Being a Wyo resident I will not support any elected official who tries to damage our second amendment rights. Voting is the first part of opposing this, campaigning against those same officials or their allies, is the second

  22. I am a Laramie county resident and do not support HB59. We need to start voting these rinos out of office or we will be facing the same cituation as Virginia and our sherriff has said that he will not abide by the 2nd ammendment if it came down to it. My rep. Zwonitzer is the same way. He says he is a republican but when it comes down to it he is not.

  23. Vote them out Wyoming stand up don’t let this happen here or anywhere I do not support this bill hb59 has no place in Wyoming or America 😡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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