Wyoming Gun Owners Fighting Dangerous Gun Control Bill, Again!

Published by Northwest Gun News on January 25, 2020 under News and tagged Wyoming Gun Owners

There seems to be a common theme in the Northwest: No state is safe from gun control being pushed by both Democrats and Republicans.

While we are all used to, and fully expect, gun control bills to come out of Oregon and Washington, you don’t expect them out of states like Wyoming or Idaho.

As previously reported, a Democrat in Idaho is floating the idea of pushing a local gun control option to limit how many rounds a gun owner may carry onto public property.

But what is more concerning is what is happening on the ground in Wyoming.

Because it isn’t just the Democrats that are pushing gun control, it’s Republicans who are trying to stab gun owners in the back too.

Rep. Bill Pownall, a Republican from Gillette and disgraced former sheriff, is pushing hard (House Bill 59) to dump as many gun owner names into the Federal NICS database as he can.

In 2014 Bill Pownall resigned in disgrace under allegations he changed his son’s DUI ticket to a lesser charge.

Rep. Pownall claims it is necessary to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those who are “mentally ill.”

The bill is also co-sponsored by another Republican, Dan Kirkbride from Chugwater. He serves as the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Similar legislation was killed in an interim committee last year thanks to the work of Wyoming Gun Owners. When grassroots gun owners found out what was happening in Cheyenne, they mobilized and pressured lawmakers into killing the bill.

Aaron Dorr, Political Director for Wyoming Gun Owners, told Northwest Gun News, “It’s absolutely shameful that backstabbing Republicans are helping Democrats dump more gun owner names into the government database. The NICS system has denied many innocent gun owners their firearm purchases since its inception.

Aaron Dorr is the Political Director for Wyoming Gun Owners.

There are a number of problems with the FIX NICS gun control database.

First, the background check system is unconstitutional. No such system should exist.

Second, as Dorr mentioned, many of the denials from the system are “false positives.”

This means that gun owners who go to purchase a firearm are denied because their name has accidentally been added into the system.

Professor John Lott from the Crime Research Prevention Center has estimated that 98% of denials are false-positives!

If your name, address, birthday, or other information is “similar” to someone else, you have a high probability of being denied a firearm purchase.

It can then take months or years to get your name removed.

Now, Republican lawmakers in Wyoming want to add more names to that database?

Another major issue with the database system is the stigmatization that we are putting on mental illness.

Democrats and Republicans alike keep pushing the narrative that we need to “keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.” What exactly does that mean?

Are Veterans who have PTSD too “mentally ill” to defend themselves?

What about a citizen who has had depression or anxiety and is on medication? Are they automatically a threat to themselves or others?

Who gets to decide when someone is too “mentally ill” and whether or not they should have a firearm for self-defense?

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns from gun owners is the current push for Red Flag laws nationwide.

Gun grabbers love Red Flag laws because it allows them to turn in gun owners they believe are a “threat to themselves or others.” Well, if a gun owner is deemed “mentally ill,” what better way to take their guns away if their names are already in a database.

HB 59 is the first step to helping the ultimate push for Red Flag laws. Gun owners in Wyoming should do everything they can to oppose HB 59, and Republican Representative Bill Pownall should shelve the bill immediately.