Wyoming Gun Owners Kill 3-Day Waiting Period for Handgun Purchases!

As we have mentioned before, the gun control crowd seems to be on a roll introducing radical gun control legislation in “red” states.

The latest attempt at attacking gun owners came at the hands of Democrats in Wyoming.

Their proposal came in the form of Senate File 80 – a 3-day waiting period to purchase a handgun!

You expect these types of proposals in Oregon and Washington, but not Wyoming.

Senate File 80 was proposed as a means to “saving lives.”

Perhaps the Wyoming Democrat Senator who introduced the bill, Chris Rothfuss, wants to ban bathtubs, rope, cars, and other items which would “save lives?”

When Aaron Dorr, Political Advisor for Wyoming Gun Owners found out about the bill, he told Northwest Gun News, “These gun control advocates are out of their minds if they think Wyoming’s gun owners will tolerate these Bloomberg-sponsored bills.”

Wyoming Gun Owners is well known for defeating gun control.

After hearing what Sen. Rothfuss and others were planning, Wyoming Gun Owners blasted emails into the state capitol demanding the Senate oppose the measure.

The bill was defeated earlier this week 27-2!

One Democrat State Senator even voted against the measure.

Wyoming Gun Owners have shown their power as a grassroots organization in the state by defeating yet another bad gun-grabbing idea.

4 thoughts on “Wyoming Gun Owners Kill 3-Day Waiting Period for Handgun Purchases!”

  1. All I have to say it’s my right to protect myself and my family ain’t no crooked politicians are gonna get a fight trying to take my guns!!!

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