Wyoming Rep. Tim Salazar Looking to Protect the 2nd Amendment in 2020

The Wyoming legislative session kicks off in less than a week.

On February 10th, the Wyoming legislature convenes for a short session known as a “budget session.”

The session will be completed on March 6th. This doesn’t leave much time for legislators in an election year to make their moves.

Just two years ago legislators, led by Rep. Salazar and groups like Wyoming Gun Owners, were able to push through a solid Stand-Your-Ground bill.

We know that Moms Demand Action is active in Wyoming and hoping to push through a “NICS” background check bill.

The measure which was killed by gun owners in Wyoming last year is finding stiff opposition once again.

Gun owners are under fire across the country.

Even in conservative states like Wyoming and Idaho, the gun control crowd is becoming more bold and tenacious in their desire to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

Gun owners in these states can’t sit back and hope that what happened in Virginia can’t happen to their state.

If gun owners in Wyoming aren’t paying attention to what’s happening in the capitol in Cheyenne, then weak-kneed Republican lawmakers may help gun control through.

Sadly, that’s what we are seeing in Kentucky, South Dakota, Florida, and other “red states.”

Luckily, Wyoming Gun Owners is doing everything they can to stop radical gun control from moving forward.

Recently, Wyoming Gun Owners Policy Advisor Aaron Dorr recently told The Star Tribune, ” It’s an election year, so we’ll be doing what we’ve always done. We’ll be holding lawmakers accountable in the primaries for what they do or don’t do this session. Two years ago, Sen. Emerich found out what happens when you try to be a pro-gun Republican and then fight tooth-and-nail in the Capitol against the rights of gun owners. He’s now retired, Sen. Emerich, and we look forward to exposing as many rotten RINOs as we possibly can in the upcoming election. “

Rep. Tim Salazar and other politicians who stand by their campaign promises are likely to be rewarded by gun owners.

However, politicians who violate their oath and break their promises, like Rep. Pownall are risking their careers by trying to help Michael Bloomberg and the gun grabbers from Moms Demand Action.

Ultimately, the voters will decide the fate of the Wyoming legislature.

With the 2020 elections right around the corner, anything can happen.

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